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About Advertising on this Home Page

Why That Advertising? And Should You Occationally Click On These Ads?

On Feb. 13, 2007 I decided to try the experiment and put some advertising on the pages. There are exclusively google ads and they are limited to the top and bottom of the pages, below the normal header and footer. Not all pages carry ads.

The background is that this home page is no longer be hosted on the server of the University of Munich. Since it is otherwise a non-profit resource of information, I would be glad if the internet presence could somehow finance itself.

How much (little, I should say) money I receive for these ads on my home page primarily depends on how many people happen to click on some of these ads. The google AdSense terms of use forbid disclosing clickthrough rates and similar information, so I unfortunately cannot give any numbers, but let me tell you: Next to nobody clicks on the ads on my page -- just occationally, somebody does. The ads will definitely not make me rich but I hope the revenue will suffice to financially cover this site's traffic (see statistics).

Of course, click rates could be improved by placing the ads more centrally, but hating pages cluttered with ads myself, I will ensure that advertising on my pages stays confined to certain border regions. The primary space on the page is reserved for the primary content and in no way do I intend to degrade the quality of my content and its presentation.

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