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Contact Me via E-Mail

My e-mail Address

In order to send me an e-mail, you need my e-mail address. Unfortunately, because of all these address-hungry spam bots in the 'net becoming more and more intelligent, I have to disguise the address a bit...

My e-mail address is: Name@Domain.TLD

with Name := FirstName.LastName
Domain := triplespark
LastName := contact
FirstName := domain
TLD := net

For programmers, it may be easier to quickly execute this simple program in their mind in order to get my e-mail address:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
int main()
	const char *email = "\073\x1f\014\x8\035\x4\025\x16\024\x21\032\x1c\032\x28"
	const char *key="Spammers:BurnInHell!";
	char dest[64];
	int i=0;
	while(dest[i] = email[i] ^ key[i % strlen(key)])  ++i;
	printf("ma%so: %s\n", "ilt", dest);

Alternatively, some people may prefer perl over C for this purpose:


print"$b: $_\n";

Shell experts may find the following simple translate-and-replace instructions more convenient:

echo `echo physik | tr khi@yps oatliml`: \
`echo -n xrlzRavz.crfiycI | tr IRzxilvfry  tpehtmgnoa | sed "s/h.*/&~&/" | \
tr "~" "\n" | sed '2y/mgepoha./isplrtea/;2s/crn/rk/;2s/tect/@$/' | tr '@\n' \
"%@" | sed "s/%\\\\$/.net/"`

Cryptographers may try the following challenge to obtain my e-mail address:
My e-mail is a string with length 32 characters (all letters in lowercase) and
has an SHA1 hash value of e2c4d982dcb671bf84b2cb4fbdfdb0409989847c.

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