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RendView Manual -- Index

Quick Start
  For those impatient but recommended for everybody to get a clue.

Terminal output
  About terminal verbose, warning and error output and how to control verbose output (short).

The Component Data Base
  Specifying render and filter descriptions, the renderers.par and filters.par file as well as info about advanced passing of command line options and the RENDVIEWARGS, LDRCLIENTARGS and LDRSERVERARGS evironment vars.

The Taskmanager
  Explanation about how RendView behaves (signals, failed jobs, ...) and corresponding options. This includes the taskmanager as well as the task driver interfaces.

The Task Sources
  Description of the local and LDR task sources as well as some more info about how LDR works. (It's a must-read!)

Logger and Admin Port
  Message logging facility and remote admin port for administration while RendView is running.

  Examples for launching RendView.

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