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Land Art

I love land art but unfortunately do not find much time doing it. Actually, I'm constantly looking for somebody joining me just for creating some land art together...

Personal Landart

Landart image (Wolfang Wieser 1998) [11kb]
[click to enlarge: 72kb JPEG]

Stone tower land art made by the whole family at a beach in Newfoundland (Canada). The whole set is actually larger than in the image on the left; click on it to see it all. Photo taken in the warm red light of the sinking sun.

Personal Photos of Other Artist's Landart

Landart image (Wolfang Wieser 2005) [14kb]
[click to enlarge: 158kb JPEG]

Some nice arch found in 2005 while walking up the Schafreiter mountain near the German-Austrian boarder. Unsure if it survived the next winter.

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