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Wummy Comics

This is Wummy. Wummy comes to live when I'm bored or when I would like to express something better expressed in a comic than in words.
And yeah, Wummy can never decide whether to spell himself as Wummi or as Wummy...


Dr. Wummy [27kb]
Wummy got his diploma.
Wummy hands over a flower [23kb]
Wummy does not like to cut flowers.

Wummy and Physics

The titles are actually some modifications of seminar talk topics at the BMO.

Electronic dephasing of Wummis in solutions [54kb]

Femtosecond vibrational and electronic spectroscopy of Wummis [60kb]

Ultraschneller Übergang von 1-pi-Stern nach 2-Sigma-Kreuz [179kb]

More to come soon...

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