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Parport-based Atmel/AVR-programming

Full circuit design and software needed to program AVR RISC controllers via the parallel ("printer") port.

Please note that I am now using the USB-based download cable. Content on this page is no longer maintained/developed. However, the presented solution is cheap, easy to build and still working nicely.

Parport-Based Programmers for Parallel and Serial (SPI) Downloading

I am presenting a parallel (historically older) and a serial (SPI) programmer on the following pages. Both these devices use the Latch16Bit board, a simple parallel port device designed by me (more info...).

Software for the Parport-Based Programmer

Of course, you need a PC-style computer with a (bidirectional) parallel printer port and some appropriate programmer software. Fortunately, I am providing the latter one for free under the GNU GPL:
Atmelprg is a programmer tool which can perform both the parallel and the serial up/downloading of flash and EEPROM content.

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