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USB-AtmelPrg as JTAG Cable for OpenOCD

USB-AtmelPrg is a USB-based interface cable which can be used as SPI (in-system) programmer for AVRs and also as JTAG adapter, e.g. for ARM microcontrollers with integrated on-chip debugger. This page describes how to set up USB-AtmelPrg as JTAG cable backend for the OpenOCD (open on-chip debugger).

This is outdated!

Do not use this. Instead, take a look at one of the cheap FT2232-based USB JTAG adapters which are natively supported by OpenOCD and are much faster than my old USB-AtmelPrg.


OpenOCD (open on-chip debugger) is a free project which enables you to debug programs running on an ARM microcontroller by providing the necessary glue between the GNU debugger (GDB) and the JTAG interface. It takes GDB commands, translates them into the corresponding JTAG waveforms which are then applied to the ARM's JTAG interface via an interface cable such as USB-AtmelPrg.

While OpenOCD natively supports several common JTAG interface cables, there is no built-in support for USB-AtmelPrg. Hence, the source code has to be patched to add this functionality.

Patching and Compiling OpenOCD with Support for USB-AtmelPrg

You need three things:

  • The OpenOCD source code. I'm using SVN revision FIXME which can be checked out (i.e. downloaded) in the following way: FIXME
  • The USB-AtmelPrg host software.
  • The following patch for OpenOCD to add USB-AtmelPrg as JTAG backend:
    Source: 1.0.tar.gz   [0kb patch diff]
    Version:1.0   (1970-01-01)
    Author:Wolfgang Wieser   (report bugs here)
    License:GNU GPL (Version 2)
    Requires:(GNU readline,) libusb-0.1.12, libftdi-0.7

After checking out the SVN code, apply the patch...


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