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Sightseeing with Google Maps

No need to actually travel there; you can get a glance of lots of sights from top in your browser via Google Maps. And that not only holds for sights but also for certain locations you will probably not want to visit yourself. But before you proceed, beware that this feature can get addictive! Welcome to my Google Maps sightseeing tour. But remember: I warned you...

Due to unclear terms of use concerning the imagery, there are no google maps screen shots on this page. Just follow the links.
Note that this is just a random collection of "sights" and that your definition of a "sight" may vary substantially from mine. But in the end, it's entirely up to you: Take what you like and skip the rest.
And come back again later since more things will be added.


Deutscher Bundestag, Berlin
Also note the vistor line at the main entrance.
Stadium in Berlin
Lots of people although the show either has not yet started or is already over.
Zitadelle von Spandau, Berlin
Terminals, Airport Berlin-Tegel
Seems most planes were in the air.
Brown coal mine
Quite large area; zoom in to see the large shovel excavators. Did you know that Germany mines more Lignite than any other nation in the world?
Flea market in Munich-Riem
Zoom out a bit to get the overall picture...
Isar I  |  Philippsburg  |  Neckarwestheim
Nuclear power plants in Germany: Isar I alias "Ohu" (near Munich), Philippsburg and Neckarwestheim.
Interception station  |  Another one
Radar and radio interception station in Germany near the Czech border (first link) and in Berlin. Built during the cold war, they are no longer in use today.
BND Headquater in Pullach
Look at it from above since you probably will never get to spend some time in there.
Earth station raisting
Zoom out to see some more antennas.


Eiffel Tower, Paris
Seeing it like that is much better than from below. Believe me. And you don't have to enqueue into the looong line of waiting people.
Entrance to the Louvre, Paris
Hmm, when I was there, there were a lot more people waiting.
Euro Disneyland
Looks funny.


Villa with Swimming Pool
Apparently owned by someone with a lot of money.
Agriculture in Spain
Not sure what they're planting there.


Colosseum, Rome
Okay, so this one might be worth a real journey. And don't wait too long since it's about to disappear in the floods...


Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco's famous bridge and they caught a non-foggy day - something you cannot expect when travelling there yourself.
Cape Canaveral
Space Shuttle "air" port in Cape Canaveral
VLA Radio Telescope (bad quality)
Bad quality but that's the Y-shaped VLA telescope in New Mexico.
US Navy Aircraft Carrier
Does anybody know which one?
Edwards Air Force Base  |  SR-71 Blackbird  |  Strange Compass
Looks like I've found the (once?) top-secret SR-71 Blackbird on Edwards AFB. And look at the strange compass; wonder why 360 degrees is not straight up.
Plane on Luke AFB
Wow - what a high resolution!
Airplane Graveyard
Famous post-cold war "Airplane Graveyard" in Davis-Monthan air force base in Tuscon, Arizona.
Submarines in Norfolk
Former penitentiary on an island near San Francisco.
Plane over LA
A passenger air plane approaching Los Angeles international airport.
Epcot (Center) in Florida
Large Disney theme park in Florida.


One of Saddam Hussein's Palaces, Baghdad
The two bombs really hit precisely but the blue dome still seems okay. It's a pity, could probably have been used as a hotel...
Palace and hotels, Baghdad  |  Huge monument, Baghdad
Not sure what these are exactly. Especially note the swimming pools of the alledged hotel. The center is probably a palace and nearby a building was destroyed.
Market? in Baghdad
There's something going on on the west side of the Tigris.

Kuwait, Dubai, Bahrain, etc.

What's this??
Any idea? Let me know...
Oil in Kuwait  |  More oil in Kuwait  |  Probably also oil, Kuwait
I've never understood why they have to burn a certain fraction of what comes out of the soil. And I don't want to know what's in these black lakes or what they are...
Desert formations, Kuwait
And they are really large: 5 kilometers between the ripples.
Palm island in Dubai  |  Another palm island
These strange palm-shaped islands they heap up down there... Totally crazy. And they are really huge!
Formula-I racetrack in Bahrain
Right in the desert.
Interesting Structure
Wanna go hiking?


Downtown Grosny (?)  |  Airport, Grosny (?)
Destruction in Grosny mainly affected the center of the town. At least at the time the images were taken. And seems they destroyed some air planes. And the runway doesn't look well, either.
Flames in Cechnya
Something's burning there. However, when you zoom in or when google updates their dataset, it won't be there any more.
Powerplant in Irkutsk
Submarine at Murmansk
Submarine is out of the water on a ship.
Cosmodrome in Kazakhistan
The Russian space launch facilities.
Nuclear Power Plant in Chernobyl
At least that's the location I think it is... This power plant exploded on April 26, 1986.


Meteorite crater, Quebec
Very well visible from above. Quite large with a diameter of about 50 kilometers.


Oil in Niger Delta
Two oil plants can be identified becuase they burn gas.


Sydney Opera House
Of course the most prominent building in Sydney. At least for everybody not living in Australia. And also note the trail of the crazy speed boat!
The Uluru (Ayers Rock)
And that's the second most famous thing standing around in Australia.
Astronomic Observatory

South America

Very Large Telescope
The ESO's (European Southern Observatory) Very Large Telescope on Cerro Paranal in Chile.
Arecibo Observatory
This is world's largest single-dish radio telescope with a diameter of 305 meters.
Christ Statue in Rio (not easily visible)
Large statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro. It's right in the center but not easily visible.
Itaipu Power Plant
One of the world's largest hydroelectric power plants. Unfortunately, the well-known water spillway is dry on the photo.

Thanks to my friend Davide for a couple of nice links!

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