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HLib -- Bugs and Missing Features

When you have found a bug...

...then do not say "Ah, it crashes all the time, it's just a piece of junk", flame the author and rm -rf it.
Instead, remember that writing such a library is not easy, very time-consuming and that I do it in my free time. Therefore, report the bug so that it can be fixed.

Reporting a bug

In case you found a bug in HLib, gather all information you can find about it and send an e-mail directly to the author.
Provide everything which is needed to reproduce/understand the bug. (Including version, architecure, platform, ...)

Known bugs and missing features:

This is a list of missing features and known bugs. I know of no severe bugs so these are all non-critical bugs or missing features:

  • Time drift.
    Due to the algorithm in the main loop, the timers suffer a slight time drift. The problem is harmless -- at least for all my programs using HLib, but difficult to fix.
  • Lack of documentation.
    You have to consult the comments in the header files.
  • Timeouts in FD copy facility.
    This will be implemented once I need it. The API is already (partially) there.

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