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Miscellaneous Projects and Experiments

Catching the falling drop

Imagine, a drop falls down onto some hard surface and -platsch- crashes there. If one does it right, a nice crown-like structure can be observed for a couple of milliseconds. I once tried to protograph this process at well-defined times using only a normal camera, a normal photo flash and stuff which I had available at home. Nevertheless, some nice images came out.

High-speed photos of low-speed impacts

When a steel ball drops down from less than a meter into sand, it creates a crater within a time of about 100ms (0.1 seconds). Unfortunately, the human eye is too slow to watch the formation of this low-speed impact crater but exactly-triggered photos with an exposure of shorter than 1/10000s (100us) can freeze the moment of impact.

Time-Lapse Movies of Slow Processes

The dynamics of slow processes like the formation of clouds can hardly be conceived merely by looking at them because changes happen on time scales which are too large for the human eye. So what? Let's speed up time!

Probably anyone has seen a time-lapse movie on TV but you can also produce one yourself using a consumer-grade digital camera and some additional logic.
Interested? Then

Automatic Captcha Recognition

Certain captchas can be automatically regognized by a computer when a design error is present which allows an attacker to obtain multiple captchas containing the same information. Read more...

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