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Some Nice and Free Physics Simulation Programs

The Burn Simulation

The burn simulation is an easy "forest fire simulation". The reason behind it is to demonstrate that there is a critical tree density: If there are fewer trees, the flames will not spread, if there are more trees, the complete forest will turn into ashes. The main point is that the critical density is a quite narrow value range; it is nearly impossible to find a density where you can reliably tell that only half or 30% of the forest will burn down.
The sim consists of two programs, qxburn to watch the forest burning and stburn for the statistcs.
Hey: In case I did not tell you: That's a simple cellular automat, so don't expect something fancy.

The ElStat Electrostatic Potential Solver

Imagine there is a 2dim area and you bring some fixed charges (of finite size) in there. As a consequence, a non-constant electrostatic potential will establish.
This electrostatic potential solver uses a finit-element approach to numerically calculate this potential.

LJFluid: Simple molecular dynamics sim of Lennard-Jones fluid

Molecular dynamics simulation of a fluid using the Lennard-Jones potential and observing the pair correlation function for different temperatures.
No GUI but source code to play around with. Read more...

BallImpact: Simple MD sim of low-speed impact

Low-speed impact in granular media computed using simple molecular dynamics simulation of rigid bodies. Things are kept short and simple for easy understanding.
Source code to play around with and a film to watch. See more...

IsingMag: Simple Ising model magnetization simulation

This is a simple but fairly fast simulation of the 2-dim Ising model. There is no fancy graphical user interface but it can be used to plot e.g. the phase transition. Can be extended easily with own code.
No GUI but source code to play around with. Read more...

The WaTor Simulation

WaTor is a simple predator-prey simulation. The idea goes back to A. K. Dewdney and it is really fun watching it and tuning the three parameters while it is running.
Check it out, there are people which "played" it for hours :)

The Shaney Text Composer

Shaney is a little fun text composer to play with. It reads in some text files, does some statistics and then produces text of arbitrary length based on the input.
Want to play with it? Then

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