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Neuronal network code

Download and Build instructions

The source code can be downloaded here. It depends on QTXlib, so you will have to compile that prior to compiling the NN code.
A am using GCC on a linux-ix86 box; you may need to do some tweaking to get it compiled. See the head of the source code file for the gcc call I am using.
You should symlink Qt to the Qt include directory.

Source:   [14kb C++ source]
Version:0.1   (2004-02-14)
Author:Wolfgang Wieser   (report bugs here)
License:GNU GPL (Version 2)
Requires:QTXlib, Qt-3

Sample images

Random run with above program using a 10x10 output layer, eta=0.3 and sigma=sqrt(3). (Gauss-only neighbourhood). The t= entry displays the number of training cycles (one cycle is one input pattern feed). There are 16 different input patterns. Note the complete separation of all input patterns after roughly 400 cycles.

nn_t1.png [0kb] nn_t5.png [1kb]
nn_t105.png [1kb] nn_t405.png [1kb]

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