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Animation Project

Computing the Animation: AniVision

The actual animation kernel is still being developed and not yet usable. A tech preview for those interested, however, can be seen on the AniVision page.

Local or Distributed Rendering: RendView

RendView is a utility to have films rendered in a distributed environment. It is not the actual rendering program -- I use POVRay for that. Read more about RendView and all its features on the RendView page.

Actually Rendering Frames: POVRay

POVRay is a well-known high quality raytracer. Check the link for some more POVRay-related info on my home page (patches, compilation options, links).

Some other useful utilities

I wrote some neat little programs which do come handy in some situations when rendering still images or processing animations, like a stereo image jointer/splitter, an anaglyph joiner and a polynomial calculator. Feel free to visit the utils page.

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