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QTXlib is a small library for primitive graphic output directly using Xlib from inside Qt-based applications for improved performance compared to Qt (but less portability). QTXlib is being developed by me (since 2002) and distributed under the GNU GPL.


2006/02/11: Version 0.21
Fixing some build problems with version 0.2.
2004/02/12: Version 0.2
QTXlib now has its own pages on this site and is no longer shipped as pure supplement of QTX-Burn which makes use of QTXlib.

Brief overview of QTXlib

Historically, QTXlib was developed because Qt's graphic primitives turned out to be quite inefficient when it comes to mass drawings of filled rectangles and the line. And as the runtime of some nice simulations depends heavily on the speed of graphical output, I decided that an Xlib-based implementation had to be written which must be usable from within Qt's QWidgets.

The primary design goals were, in this order:
Performance, ease of use.

  • Class XPainter for direct (inline) access to Xlib's graphic primitives. An XPainter is effectively a GC (known to any Xlib user).
  • Class for cached mass drawings of rectangles and points with the same color.
  • XImageWidget, i.e. a local XImage for fast pixel manipulation (XPutPixel) which implements the necessary redraw events.
  • Class for fast RGB to pixel value conversion on 15/16/24/32 bit visuals.

Download QTXlib source

I (only) provide the source packages (for obvious reason).

Source: qtxlib-0.21.tar.gz   [85kb gzipped source tarball]
Version:0.21   (2006-02-11)
Author:Wolfgang Wieser   (report bugs here)
License:GNU GPL (Version 2)

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