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Computer Graphics -- Rendering

The primary raytracer used by me: POVRay

All the (rendered) images you can find here and around were ray-traced using POVRay.
Ray-tracing is a form of rendering which involves simulation of physical laws and aims to achieve photorealistic images. Unfortunately it can take quite long...
I am also using POVRay for data visualisation (like plotting physical functions), see the next headline:

Rendered / computer generated images: Image gallery

Feel free to check out my gallery of computer generated images.
You will find images of Earth and Mars, visualisation of mathematical functions -- more will be added in the future.

Creating real 3d images: Stereoscopic Views

Viewing flat images on your screen or some paper may look realistic and give you a nice impression of the arrangement in space but the real 3d depth effect can only be achieved using some stereoscopic technique. The trick is to use slightly different images for the right and the left eye so that the brain can reconstruct the depth information. Several techniques were invented for that purpose. Read more...

Useful helpers: Utils page

Utils which may come handy when designing and rendering scenes with POVRay like the history image viewer. Read more...

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