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About Me and My Homepage

Contact me via e-mail

If you want to contact me, have a look at the bottom of any page or follow this link.

About me

I am a physics Ph.D. employed at the (Ludwig-Maximilians) University of Munich (LMU).
In my free time, I write computer programs (normally using C or C++) dealing with a large range of different things. Another hobby of mine is designing and building electronic circuits and devices, but I am also spend some time doing computer graphics (raytracing), some digital photography, sports, and other things...

Since beginning of 1996, I am using GNU/Linux as my work and development platform because it is simply the most suitable environment for (most of) the things I am do. There is no other platform which can compete regarding price and availability of development tools (as well as a "community" and the openness of the design).

Who I am NOT

If you searched the web for somebody with the same name as me, chances are high that you are looking for somebody else.

I am not...

  • the "Wolfgang Wieser" living in the same town as I do and working for the DJK.
  • the "Wolfgang Wieser" at the institute for electro and bio-medical technology in Graz, Austria.
  • the "Wolfgang Wieser" who played in the 1977 movie "The Serpent's Egg" [details]
  • the lawyer "Wolfgang Wieser" in Stuttgart, Germany.
  • the "Wolfgang Wieser" from comteam (?) in Austria.
  • the evolution biologist and zoologist "Wolfgang Wieser" who wrote e.g. the book "Die Erfindung der Individualität" [details]
  • the one who wrote, in 1994, the paper "Cost of growth in cells and organisms" [abstract].
  • Wolfgang Wiese (without r at the end) alias xwolf who has a blog with political themes.
  • [ will get bored here...]

About this home page

This home page is hosted on a dedicated server running Debian Linux and is shared and administered by a group of 5 people. We host around a dozen virtual sites on our Apache HTTP server.

The HTML pages were all hand-written by me using nedit and post-processed with WML (for uniform header, footer, etc.). Some parts are automatically generated using self-written perl scrips (such as sitemap).
The pages are proud to come with little obverhead, to be fully useful even if JavaScript is disabled, and to be well-readable in any browser (including text-only w3m and lynx).
All pages which have the "Valid HTML 4.01" icon on the bottom should be clean and valid HTML 4.01 (transitional). In case you find that I am wrong, shout at me.

About Advertising on this Home Page

Yes, there are some ads on these pages. For more information and comments, please see advertising page.

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