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Animation Project -- AniVision

AniVision is an animation calculator for POVRay featuring an own programming language with threads. AniVision is being developed by me (since 2002).

AniVision Tech Preview

AniVision is still being developed. More docu and explanation will be available here once a first public beta version is published.
Meanwhile the animation description grammar and the POV command comment grammar are available.
Here is a sample AniVision source file (the one which I am currently using for testing).

Currently, there is only a tech preview for those interested available.
But be warned: There is really little you can do with that. Only C++ programmers may have fun with it. Please send me comments and suggestions if you tried it out. But don't send me complaints if you can't get it working.


2004/03/20: Flying along Vallis Marineris
The first serious film was rendered: Flying along Vallis Marineris on Mars.
There is a little making-of to show how things were done.
NOTE: Do not expect that you can do much more with the current version of AniVision (0.3.5) than presented there.
2003/12/21: First film rendered!
But don't expect anything exciting. It's just a proof of concept "moving object over checkered plane".
Download: testfilm.avi [320x240 MPEG4/DIVX, 180kb]

Download and Build

Of course, only the source code is available.


  • The devel platform is linux-ix86-gnu, others may or may not work. Other Linux-gnu platforms should work, though.
  • In order to build AniVision, you need a recent version of GCC (>=3.2 will do), as a developer you also need recent versions of flex (>=2.5.31) and bison (>=1.875).
  • AniVision depends on HLib. You will need to compile HLib-1.0.0 prior to compiling AniVision (and not 0.9.9g or earlier).
Source: anivision-0.3.5a.tar.gz   [555kb gzipped source tarball]
Version:0.3.5a   (2004-05-22)
Author:Wolfgang Wieser   (report bugs here)
License:GNU GPL (Version 2)

Here is the previous version in case you cannot get the current one running:

Source: anivision-0.3.5.tar.gz   [552kb gzipped source tarball]
Version:0.3.5   (2004-03-25)
Author:Wolfgang Wieser   (report bugs here)
License:GNU GPL (Version 2)

Build: First, build hlib as described in hlib's BUILD file. Do not install hlib, just build it in a dir called hlib-build. Then, unpack the AniVision tarball so that the anivision-0.x.y dir is on the same level as hlib-build. Create a build dir called anivision-build and from there run configure as usual, followed by either
make ADDFLAGS="-fmessage-length=$COLUMNS -g -O0 -Wno-switch -fno-omit-frame-pointer" all
make ADDFLAGS="-fmessage-length=$COLUMNS -O2 -Wno-switch -Wno-inline" all
Then, run make check_core with the same ADDFLAGS= passed to get an idea what is being done...

Good luck.

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