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Computer Generated Films


To make your computer do something useful in the background, rendering images is a nice idea. But if you have plenty of unused CPU cycles left, one of the most effective ways to help you out is to render films.

The films on this page were all rendered from a series of single frames using the raytracer POVRay and the (distributed) rendering manager RendView. The title pages were made using the GIMP. The resulting PNG files were encoded into AVI films using mencoder. All that runs natively under Linux.

In order to view these films under Linux, I recommend to use MPlayer.

Film: Flying along Vallis Marineris on Mars [15kb]   Flying along Vallis Marineris on Mars

Actually the first serious animation made using AniVision, RendView and POVRay; a making-of is available.

It's a west-to-east flight along Vallis Marineris, the large canyon on Mars, at an altitude of 250km (MOLA height). The 5709km long flight takes 16 seconds at a speed of 356km/s (that's more than 10 times the speed of Space Shuttle in orbit).

In the film, topography height was scaled by a factor of 2, i.e. the canyon is actually half as deep as seen here. More information on Vallis Marineris on the image page.

Film: 3+16 seconds at 25fps (75+401 frames):
[4322kb DIVX AVI 640x480 1.8MBit/s]
[2904kb DIVX AVI 640x480 1.2MBit/s]

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