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Computer Generated Images


One of my hobbies is programming (as you can see on other pages) -- and while that it a lot of work for me, my computer's CPU is idle most of the time. Some time back I decided that this was an intolerable waste of CPU cycles and hence, my box is now working when I am...
I had some ideas what to render, bought some more RAM, gave POVRay (for Linux) a nice value of 15... and the results can be seen here.

Unless explicitly stated differently, all images here were created using POVRay, often with additional applied.
Post-rendering image manupulation was normally done using the GIMP.

Earth: Africa & Europe [4kb] 

Earth -- the Blue Planet

Rendered images from "our" Planet. Several views are available.
The images were created from true DEM topography data combined with the true "natural" color of Earth.
Read more and see more images...

Mars: Vallis Marineris [3kb] 

Mars -- the Red Planet

Rendered images from planet Mars.
The images were created from true topography data (from Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter) as published by NASA.
Read more and see more images...

Misc maths/physics images [8kb] 

Maths/Physics Images

Some images created while studying to visualize some physics-related mathematical functions.
Feel free to check out...

SciFi images [5kb] 

SciFi Images

Some science fiction images made by me.
Currently only one...

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