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Utils for Animations

Joining and Splitting Stereo Frames: StereoJoin

Say you want to create 3d films. You may run into the following two problems:

  1. You use StereoPOV (or some similar patch) which creates a stereoscopic image where the left and right image are put into the same file, next to each other.
    Problem: you want to cut all the (joined) frames into their left and right part (for the left and right eye).
  2. You render the left and right frames separately and want to join them into a series of stereoscopic images (with the left and right part next to each other yielding an image with is twice as wide). Maybe, you even want to add some black stripe between these images.

In order to deal with these problems, I wrote StereoJoin.

Generating Anaglyphs from left/right image pairs: AnaglyphJoin

This is a progrma to create (red/green, red/cyan or whatever) anaglyphs from colored or grayscale right/left image pairs. Supports on-the-fly grayscale conversion for grayscale anaglyphs but can also generate colored anaglyphs (which is probably only useful for red/cyan glasses). Ability to convert any number of frames to process complete films.

Complete feature list and free source code available on the AnaglyphJoin page.

Generating Polynomial: GenPoly

Sometimes, you may need to calculate a polynomial with some special properties -- say a second order extrema at position (xa,ya), going through point (xb,yb) and a normal extremum at yc. GenPoly can do just that: You give it points and it calclates a polynomial of any order with the desired properties.
Note that I am talking of polynomials, not of splines. Splines are generally easier to handle; if you ever wanted to create a nice-looking higher-order polynomial, you know what I mean. And if you didn't, try this one to see yourself.

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