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StereoJoin -- Joining/Splitting Stereo Images


2003/05/19: Version 0.4a
Minor bugfix writing PNG tail.


StereoJoin operates on a series of PNG images specified by a frame pattern and can perform two actions:

  1. Split frames into their left and right part.
    This is useful when using StereoPOV (or some similar patch) which creates a stereoscopic image where the left and right image are put into the same file, next to each other and you want to separate the left and right parts.
    For this, use spit mode (option -S; default when called stereosplit).
  2. Join left and right frames into a series of stereoscopic images.
    You may need this when rendering the left and right frames separately and want to glue them together yielding to a series of frames with are twice as wide and have the same height.
    For this, use join mode (option -J; default when called stereojoin).

For more detailed information, see the documentation further down on this page.

Download and Build

I provide only the source code but compiling it should be trivial.

Source:   [17kb C++ source]
Version:0.4a   (2003-04-22)
Author:Wolfgang Wieser   (report bugs here)
License:GNU GPL (Version 2)

A C++ compiler (GCC recommended) as well as a recent version of libpng (which is part of any major Linux distribution; just make sure you have the devel package, i.e. the header files, installed).

StereoJoin works fine on my Linux-ix86 box. It was developed for POSIX-like operating systems but may even compile on Window$ with minor tweaking.

Just call gcc for the one source file:
gcc -s -O2 -fno-rtti -fno-exceptions -o stereojoin -lpng

Simply copy the stereojoin to the location you desire. You may symlink stereosplit to stereojoin to avoid using the options -J and -S.

StereoJoin should work with 8 and 16 bit RGB and grayscale images, when using less than 8bit you may run into trouble (try out).
Please report any bugs you find to me (email on bottom of this page and in source file).

StereoJoin Manual

StereoJoin is easy to understand. It operates on a series of frames specified by a frame pattern (like frame-%03d.png). It understands the following command line options:

--help   (also: -h)
  Print some usage information.

  Print version information.

  Join mode: join left and right frames into a joined frame; default when called stereojoin.

  Split mode; split joined frames into right and left parts; default when called stereosplit.

  Start frame number (default: 0)

  Number of frames to process (default: autodetect: until 3 frames fail)

  (jump) Process every NUM frames (defalt: 1)

  Number of black pixels between right and left images. NOTE: The default is 8; don't forget to set this to 0 when splitting frames which have no black separator in between (like those produced by StereoPOV), otherwise you will lose some pixel rows.

  Set PNG compression level (0..9; default 6)

  Set left frame file name pattern (default: l%07d.png).
The frame patterns may contain a path and follow standard printf(3) syntax and must contain a %d/%x/%X placeholder.

  Set right frame file name pattern (default: r%07d.png).
See also -l above.

  Set joined frame file name pattern (default: f%07d.png).
This is the output for join mode and the input for split mode.
See also -l above.

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