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Creating a new project with a schematic in ISE WebPACK

Creating a New Project with a Schematic

Okay, so here's your step-by-step guideline:
First, create a new project called SVFTest for the XC9572XL:

  • Run ISE and start by selecting int the menu File/New Project..., name it SVFTest and select as top-level source e.g. Schematic. Press Next.
  • Select XC9500XL CPLDs as product family, XC9572XL as device PC44 as package and -10 as speed grade. Leave the synthesis tool at the default (XST) and the simulator as well (we don't need it). Press Next.
  • Select the New Source... button. As file name use main and use Schematic as type. Press Next and Finish to get back to the new project dialog box. The one file "main.sch" is now displayed as first source file, so press Next.
  • We don't add existing sources here, so press Next again, then press Finish.

Creating a New Project with a Schematic

Implement just any schematic you would like; something which can easily be verified using an oscilloscope or whatever you have around. I won't go into the details of how to make schematics in ISE's editor, in the end things should look something like that:

ISE screen shot [26kb]

As shows in the screen shot above, select Run in the context menu of Generate Programming File and answer Yes to the question whether to save main.sch. This will take some time...

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