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Rendered images of Mars

About these images

All the images in this directory (and all its subdirectories) were created from true topography data of planet Mars as published by NASA's Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter group.

The used topography information has a horizontal resolution of either 1/64  (i.e. less than 1 arc minute, that is 1 square kilometer around the equator) or 1/128  (i.e. less than 30 arc seconds, that is 0.22 square kilometers around the equator) and a height resolution of 1 meter. It was converted (using a self-written tools) from raw MOLA data tiles covering the complete planet.

The color of the images is either synthetic (and mostly red because we all know that Mars is redish) or one of the handful visible color maps of Mars found on the internet was used. Note that these "visible" maps differ significantly in their color.

New: I decided to publish some more technical details.

Mars image [4kb] 

First renderings

My first renderings of the red planet. Lower quality than the others but most are still nice to look at.
Have a look...

Complete Mars [3kb] 

Complete planet

Rendered images of the complete planet Mars as seen from larger distance.
View more images...

Olympus Mons [6kb] 

Surface details

Rendered images of surface details on Mars as seen from smaller distances.
Includes images of Mars robot landing sites, well-known topographic sights and other interesting places.
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