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Rendering Images and Frames -- POVRay

All sorts of things around POVRay: Patches, images, links and more information.

Hot links: 
[more...] The official POVRay homepage.
My image gallery: Some of my images created using POVRay.
My stereo how-to: About creation of stereoscpic images using POVRay.
MegaPOV: A popular collection of unofficial extensions of POV-Ray.

Improved POVRay: Patches and Extenstions

This page presents a collection of patches against POVRay-3.6.1 (current version). It includes bugfixes as well as useful new features and is split into the following sections:

OLD: POVRay-3.5 patches

Several patches against (old) POVRay-3.5. This includes the IPT (interpolated tracing patch) which is discontinued (i.e. not ported to >=POVRay-3.6) and other patches some of which are now part of official POVRay-3.6 (and above). More...

Faster Rendering: Compiling POVRay

You can significantly improve POVRay's rendering speed by not using the official bonaries but download the source and compile it yourself. Some hints about useful optimization options can be found here.

More Links

These are some links with interesting content:

  • Another nice patch (AOI and projection pattern,...) is MLPov.
  • A particle system and other interesting things can be found at
  • Mechanics simulation and more is behind this link on Christoph's page.
  • Look here for an isosurface manual.
  • Finally, has tons of liks to all sorts of things around POVRay.

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