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Download Electrostatic Potential Solver


The elstat PDE solver with GUI runs natively under Linux and uses the Qt toolkit. Porting it to other Unix/X11 platforms should be easy, porting to non-X11 platforms will require more effort (because the fast graphics display is done using raw XLib instead of slow Qt).

Source Code

As always, I recommend downloading the source code and compiling it yourself. In case you want to do that, you need a C++ compiler, preferrably the Gnu Compiler Collection (GCC), at least version 3 (version 2.95 may work, too) and the Qt toolkit which from TrollTech is available for free if used non-commercially under Linux (most Linux distros already come with it - install the devel package).

Download this file for ElStat source code:

Source: elstat-0.3b.tar.gz   [102kb gzipped source tarball]
Version:0.3b   (2006-02-11)
Author:Wolfgang Wieser   (report bugs here)
License:GNU GPL (Version 2)
Requires:QTXLib-0.21, Qt-3

After downloading the source, unpack it and go on with the INSTALL file in the toplevel dir.

Binary Packages

Of course, it is more convenient to download a binary package. However, since this involves a lot of C++ code, you need a lot of shared libraries using the same (major) version as I do compiled with the same (major) compiler version. This is very unlikely.
OTOH, I will not provide statically linked versions because they would be several MBs in size (and I even do not have a static version of Qt around).

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