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Temporary files

Size   Name   Description
222kb AD9071-an.pdf AD9071: 10bit 100MSPS AD Converter
812kb AD8132-an.pdf AD8132: High speed differential amplifier
201kb ispLSI2032E.pdf Fast PLD
12kb ne555.png 50% duty cycle oscillator with NE555
174kb smd.jpg Stepper motor driver test
18kb ray-struct.png Ray core structure
5576kb time-lapse-film.avi Time Lapse Movie [FMP4 640x480 24bpp 12.5fps 812.7kbps]
258kb resume-oops.png (PNG image data, 1280 x 956, 8-bit grayscale, non-interlaced)
1kb cache-test.html Browser cache information disclosure proof of concept
5kb benchmark.txt (ISO-8859 C program text)
Total: 7279kb in 10 files.

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Sram: alsc IDT hitachi
Logic: LCX

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