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Electronics -- Signal Analysis and Data Aquisition

Versatile Voltmeter: High Precision Volt Meter

The high presition voltmeter has up to 16 multiplexed inputs connected to a 24bit AD converter running at up to 10S/s, hence suitable as human-readable voltmeter. The device applies an LCDisplay, a 512kb (volatile) SRAM storage and an USB connection which make it a long-time oscilloscope, as well.


Digital Oscilloscope and Logic State Analyzer: USB Live Osci

This is a dual 10MS/s sampling oscilloscope with USB-2.0 "high speed" interface to be connected to the computer. The design is held as simple as possible implementing nearly all oscilloscope functions in software on the host computer. Read more about the USB Live Osci

Logic State Decoder: Low/floating/high Detector

While building digital logic circuits, it is often necessary to see if a signal pin is low (L), high (H) or floating (high-Z state). Using an oscilloscope is overkill, if the signal changes slowly and not everybody has a logic analyzer available. And it's really cheap. Circuit and description...

Time and Frequency Measurement: Frequency Counter

This publishes the complete circuit design of a (frequency) counter and time measurement device which I designed and build in late 2002 until early 2004. It's mostly discrete logic but also applies a microcontroller. Read more about the frequency counter...

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