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Circuit to PCB: Technical Design Information

This collects various technical (i.e. physical and CAD-related) information from circuit design to PCB production based on what I am actually doing and found useful. This includes an Eagle CAM file and a description how to make two-sided PCBs. Read more...

Programmable Devices: AVRs, ARMs, CPLDs and How to Program Them

Everything you need to design and program AVR and ARM microcontrollers as well as XILINX complex programmable logic devices (CPLDs), from host computer setup to actually programming the ICs. Read more...

Connecting Devices to a PC: Computer Peripherals

Small standalone electronics devices are nice but much more fun comes when connecting them to a personal computer. Nowadays, the preferred solution is USB-1.1 in most cases and USB-2.0 when speed matters. Of course, the old and parallel port board is still on these pages for historical reasons. Read more...

Oscillators, Clock Generators, DDS: Oscillator Page

Some sort of oscillator as primitive signal generator is one of the most basic devices which nearly any electronics engineer needs. Especially for digital electronics, you will find a variable clock generator very useful. And don't miss the simple direct digital synthesizer. Designs and more info...

Signal Analysis and Data Aquisition: Analysis Page

Every serious electronician has an oscilloscope, probably a digital one or even a logic state analyzer when doing lots of digital electronics. Building a real oscilloscope and other signal analysis or data aquisition circuits oneself is a very tough task but the easy variants presented here can still be useful or at least serve as nice toys. Read more...

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