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Electronics -- PC Peripherals

USB-1.1 Peripheral: USB8Bit Board

This is a small board which allows you to connect (normally but not necessarily) microcontroller-driven devices to the USB (universal serial bus). It has 8 parallel data lines (hence 8bit) and 4 handshake signals. Read more...

USB-2.0 High Speed Peripheral: USB-FX2 USB-2.0 Board

This time I was after high throughput, so the choice was between USB-2.0 and IEEE1384 ("fire wire"). USB was chosen because it is more common than IEEE1384 and USB-2.0 interface chips are easier to obtain.
Need 30Mb/s and more? Take a look at USB-FX2.

Old Parallel Port Peripheral: Latch16Bit Board

This is a simple old board to be connected to the parallel (line printer) port of a standard home PC. It has 16 input and 16 output pins and transparent latches for all IO lines, hence the name "Latch16Bit". Read more...

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