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Download Burn Simulation


The burn simulation runs natively under Linux and uses the Qt toolkit. Porting it to other Unix/X11 platforms should be easy, porting to non-X11 platforms will require more effort (because the fast graphics display is done using raw XLib instead of slow Qt).

Source Code

As always, I recommend downloading the source code and compiling it yourself. In case you want to do that, you need a C++ compiler, preferrably the Gnu Compiler Collection (GCC), at least version 3 (version 2.95 may work, too) and the Qt toolkit which from TrollTech is available for free if used non-commercially under Linux (most Linux distros already come with it - install the devel package).

Download this file for QXBurn and STBurn source code:

Source: qtxlib_qxburn-1.0.tar.gz   [209kb gzipped source tarball]
Version:1.0   (Feb 11, 2006)
Author:Wolfgang Wieser   (report bugs here)
License:GNU GPL (Version 2)

After downloading the source, unpack it and go on with the INSTALL file in the toplevel dir.

Binary Packages

Of course, it is more convenient to download a binary package. However, since this involves a lot of C++ code, you need a lot of shared libraries using the same (major) version as I do compiled with the same (major) compiler version. This is very unlikely.
OTOH, I will not provide statically linked versions because they would be several MBs in size (and I even do not have a static version of Qt around).

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