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QXBurn -- Burn Simulation


Having read the information on the previous page, you will figure out quickly how to use it. There is balloon/tool tip help for most tunable parameters.

QXBurn screen shot [46kb]

The status shows the absolute and relative amount of living, burning and dead trees.
The QXBurn simulation is quite fast. Hence, there is a delay after sim tick(s) which can be tuned in the Sim Control box. (You can swich off the delay completely but then it just makes plopp on my computer and the sim is over without chance to watch it.)

The Ignition button yields to the auto ignition dialog. When auto ignition is active, QXBurn sets fire on the forest automatically every time you Reset the simulation. This is useful if you are fine-tuning the tree density and do not want to use the mouse all the time and ignite some trees. Apropos "use the mouse": You can do a sim, change tree density, reset, sim, change... cycle by using the return key repeatedly...


The main point of the simulation is to show that the amount of burnt trees depends heavly upon the tree density: If the tree density is below some threshold, only very few trees will burn, if it is above the threshold, nearly the whole forest will burn down. The transition between these extremas is quite steep, see STBurn for a chart.

Here are some typical scenarios with default settings (and auto ignition of 5 trees) for different tree densities. Note the quick transition: little damage for density 0.38, small fire for 0.4 and perculation at 0.413 (about). Most trees will burn at 0.426 and only small islands stay at 0.46.

Burn simulation: Tree density 0.38 [24kb]
Tree density 0.38
Burn simulation: Tree density 0.4 [25kb]
Tree density 0.4
Burn simulation: Tree density 0.413 [28kb]
Tree density 0.413
Burn simulation: Tree density 0.426 [28kb]
Tree density 0.426
Burn simulation: Tree density 0.46 [27kb]
Tree density 0.46

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