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Frequency Counter: "Hardware Keys" Schematic

Download Hardware Keys schematic circuit schematic:
PNG image (1045x714 as seen below): hwkey.png (21kb)
High-quality PDF: hwkey.pdf (104kb)
Permission to copy and use this schematic is hereby granted provided credit is given where it is due.

Hardware Keys schematic circuit schematic [21kb]

This is basically 4 nearly identical debounced switches. The 2 resistors and one capacity at the input of each Schmitt trigger are used for debouncing the switches. The output is then fed into a D-type flip-flop which uses feedback to change the state (LOW to HIGH, HIGH to LOW) each time the button is pressed. Each key has a LED indicator, two with simple LEDs and two with bidirectional 2-color LEDs.

A simple "diode logic" circuit is used for the "any key pressed" signal (which is not used for the right-top "hold" key) to be able to make the logic board aware that buttons were pressed.

IC3E forms a simple reset logic which makes sure that all the flip-flops are in proper state when the device is switched on. The time constant is determined by R8 and C7.

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